Socialize Smartly

Socialize Smartly

We all know that Social media is one of the biggest opportunities to market our business. People spend a quarter of their time online surfing social networks, so our customers are on social media we should be too.But it isn’t just creating a page and posting. Social-media marketing is a long term commitment that requires time, attention and strategy.
There are few simple tips that make big difference

1. Be human.
Don’t be Robot. Engage with your audience, talk about your values and messages Your voice on social should be the same as any other offline communication methods. The brand you would like to present to your audience is beyond your product. There is a story behind it.

2. Be consistent.
Don’t post sporadically. Have a consistent posting schedule. One thing we should have in mind is not to use social media as a sales platform. We need to know our audience, the area of their passion and problems and try to be helpful. We can’t post about ourselves only. In fact, the higher number of posts should be about what audience looks for and fewer should be about our announcements.

3. Be friend.
Make friend with them. Identify the emotional attachments and tap them. Don’t try to win more customers by fear factor. It may work for a while, but the overall impression it leaves in not promising and there is a risk of losing them to a competitor who uses positive tactics.

4. Be Realistic
Your social media is an ocean. You can’t be anywhere anytime. There are events that you may lose, don’t be obsess to be present all the time. In fact, I think it’s wiser to be on less platforms and more focused. Learn the nature of each platform and understand where your potential customers hang around more. If you have no idea where to start, you can try all and check the report

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