Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders

Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders

Scott Shane – The author of Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders is a Professor¬† …

Scott Shane – The author of Born Entrepreneurs, Born Leaders is a Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and has conducted extensive research on numerous aspects of business, including the effect of genetics on entrepreneurial behavior.
The book implies strong character, hard work and determination play a significant role in organizational success. However, the genetic heritage has a huge impact on in workplace accomplishments. Scott Shane states that DNA accounts for one-third of the differences between co-workers in many aspects, from job satisfaction to income level It can be uninspiring for people with a common background. Someone lucky in the genetic lottery has a better chance to do well in life. He tries to say our genes set our path in life. We might be “born losers” I don’t question the accuracy of the topic but I wish there were hints how to improve the lack- if there is any. Overall it’s good for those who wants to know what makes people more successful.

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