5 Key Sales and Online Marketing Tips

How to Run a Successful Online Business – 5 Key Sales and Online Marketing Tips

We come from physical space business background, where we would welcome our clients, build the relationship with them and then sell physically. But now, as businesses are moving online, this creates challenge to interact with real people, in the real world because the personal touch aspect is not there, and this can have a negative impact on our business relationships, sales, and ultimately the profit.

I thought it’s good to bring up this topic, so in this blog you are going to discover 5 online marketing tips that will help you overcome the challenges of doing business online, and helps you take advantage of internet marketing power.

Online Marketing Tip #1 – Numbers are Humans  

One of the challenges of working virtually is that we tend to forget that numbers are not actually numbers, they are humans. What do I mean by this?

Every “visitor” to your website, or the figure in your dashboard is a human. Every single one of them is a real person with their own motivations, needs and wants. So behind these number are people like to and I, and when you operate with this in mind, it leads you to want to better understand every person who you send email to, or who visits your website, or who clicks on your Ad. Plus you remember to communicate with them as individuals, so when you sit down to write a sales letter that you want to email it to your prospects, you know that you are talking to real people, even if you haven’t seen them, and you don’t have their picture in your mind. When you know this, you can create a much better letter with human elements in it.

Online Marketing Tip #2 – Build relationship

Like the physical business, the rules in online business is to make the prospects to know us, and them to like us and to trust us, and just after that to convert into clients. In other words, the 1st step in to build a relationship with prospects, and then offer them our products and services and ask them to buy. when it comes to virtual space, I’ve seen many people somehow forget this. Referring to the Tip #1, when you know that these numbers are real people, then you follow the same process that you do when you do business offline. The good news is, you can reach out to as many people as you want when it comes to online environments, so there are literally no limits in this. The digital world has really enabled us to have wider reach, bigger market, and consequently more money in our bank accounts – If we do how to harness the power of online marketing. You just need to know how to interact, how to build relationship, and how sell without “Selling” and this leads me to the Tip #3

Online Marketing Tip # 3 — Discover Your Prospects’ Needs and Wants

Though online marketing has different elements and essentials from offline marketing, but its core objective is the same.  “Attracting and Getting Customers For Your Business”. In order to do that, online or offline, you must first know what is it that your customers need or want, and what drives them. The best way to do this is live and in-person. Yes, your business is online, I know, but to really understand your customers, there is nothing better than interacting with them physically and personally. If you are operating in the same geographical area that you live, go out, meet them, talk to them, ask questions, and discover what they really want or need. And if your business is far from where you are, you need to make personal calls, and video talks.

Once you discover your prospects’ needs and want, it’s time to address all these motivations, and needs and wants in your marketing communications, in your website, in your emails, in your Ads,…. And then create online sequences and systems and ultimately your business on auto-pilot. This leads me to the next Tip

Online Marketing Tip # 4 — Set Up Your Sales and Marketing Sequences

Once you refined your communication based on your customers needs and wants, it’s time to create your online marketing sequences. This is the journey your customers take from meeting you for the first time (Through Your online Ads, your Blogs, your social media…), and then visiting your website, and signing up there, and getting to know you and trust you (Through your educational E-Mailers and posts,…) to the time when they click on the “Buy Button” and buy from you(Your sales order page) We can easily create these sequences in the online environment. The best way to do so, is to write down this journey in a big piece of paper and then transfer it into online sequence. Once you create your sequences and test them and get the results that you want, it’s time to create your automated system.

Virtual Marketing Tip #5 – Automate Your Sales Process

The most exciting part of doing business online is to create and run automated system. When you’ve followed all these Tips, the last thing you should do is to create your marketing and sales automated system. I’m talking about earning passive income, laptop free vacations and making money while sleeping. There are a lot of online tools and software, that can help you create rinse and repeat systems, so you can be miles away, and your marketing systems works and generates income for you. However, you can do this successfully only if you have followed the previous Tips, because It only makes sense when you’ve figured out how to do it “manually,” and then you can create a machine to duplicate it. Just at that point, you want to use online tools like auto-responders, which is a series of emails that your prospect gets after they visit your website.

These are my 5 Online Marketing Tips for you to add the human elements into your online business so you attract more people to your business, gain more customers, keep them coming back for more, and ultimately create the income, profit and freedom that you love.

Elham Alizadeh | New Approach to Doing Business
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