I’m going to be accountable to myself

I’m going to be accountable to myself

My Entrepreneur Friend,

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur, we all know it.
It’s lonely, challenging and even demotivating.

Have you been there?
Are you there now?

When you wake up in the morning, you are the one who should create the opportunity, and then turn it into income.
Because at the end of the day, we have bills to pay, right?

There is no boss, there is no system, there is no big corporate name behind you. It is just YOU

So what do we do?
We get lazy, we don’t do the things that make us move forward

Because they are difficult. And we don’t like difficult things.

And then?
We keep procrastinating, delaying, making excuses, doing the easy things instead of the right things.

Are you with me?

What happens then?
Things don’t progress. We can’t turn the opportunities into income.

What’s next?
It gets boring. we get demotivated.
We start questioning the idea in the first place. We try to convince ourselves that it is not our fault, the idea was not good.

You know why?
Because a business that doesn’t generate money, gets boring very quickly – no matter how passionate you are about it

So what to do?
Be accountable!
Be accountable to yourself. It’s your life. Your limited time on earth is just passing by.

Harsh and Bitter?
Yes, but that’s reality. Let’s face it.

You knew it?
Yeah, it’s not news. But why don’t we do anything despite knowing this?
Because it’s hard, and we don’t like hard things. Oh I’m repeating!

So what?
Ok, it is hard, it’s lonely, people don’t understand us, we keep arguing. It gets worse….

So let’s do something about this shit we are all in!

That’s why I want to invite you to join me on a FREE weekly accountability meeting on Thursdays 12.15pm Pacific time in Irvine CA.

We all need this, to be accountable. To force ourselves to take steps.

So this informal meetup is going to be a friendly environment where we all learn and grow, so it will be a group where we all feel safe to be a part of, and share the challenges, the mistakes, and of course the victories we have in our path to business success. But more importantly, WE ALL ARE GOING TO BE ACCOUNTABLE. We set business goals, each person individually.

But the next week?
We check if we have finished our list. Your friend will check on you, so no way to skip.

Because we are there to get things done.

And BTW, all of you, please question me if my list is not done, please!

And don’t worry if you are not around. We will do it online too. The discussions will be posted inside a Facebook group. This group, The Success Community, is a closed group I created specifically for entrepreneurs who are on their way, hustling to become a successful entrepreneur.

This group helps us share the experiences and progresses during the week too. So you want to get a little bit of motivation when the goings get hard, go in there and talk to your accountability buddies.

Are you ready?

Do you REALLY want to be committed to success!?


So RSVP here if you in OC, California:
And Join the Success Community if you are not here, and if you are, either way:


Meanwhile, think about the ONE THING you know you must do to progress the work, but you keep procrastinating it?

Let’s get the shit done together!

See you all!



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