Learn to Delegate like a Pro

Learn to Delegate like a Pro

One of the most important skills in increasing the productivity is getting help and delegation.

Everybody needs help and should never take on large tasks alone. Even if you have the expertise in all areas of your job and feel you can do it on your own, it’s not smart to do so. It wears you out over time and you will lose your concentration, and consequently you will be less productive.

Good delegation saves a big deal of your time, grooms a successor, and motivates you.
Whether you are an employee or you run your own business, you should learn to delegate.

People usually don’t volunteer in helping out so you have to feel comfortable about asking for help. If you don’t, then you will most likely be doing tasks on your own. You may also end up becoming somebody else’s work-horse.

What/How to Delegate?

  • Find your time wasters What is taking up too much of your time? You want to find out where you are wasting most of your time. NOT USING MOST OF YOUR TIME, BUT WASTING. Wasting means what can you delegate to someone else so you can have more time to do what you want to do instead. Always think; Can you hand that off to someone else?
  •  Know your team’s strengths Identify who you can delegate work to. If you are a manager, understand each of your team member’s strength. For example, don’t hand off highly technical work to a creative team member. Set your team up for success. Make sure you delegate correctly or the work doesn’t get done and what happens is you end up taking it back and doing it anyway and then that gets into other dynamics of the project.

    If you are a business owner, outsource whatever is out of your genius zone. Find people who are good at what you are not and delegate the job. One of the main barriers for most of the self employed people concerned to outsourcing is the financial restrains. But what have I learned from my mentors and what I have experienced and with many lessons learned along the way, is that focusing on what I am excellent at and I enjoy doing the most, and outsourcing the rest, is a very efficient tactic in being productive. It will make you much more money in long term.

  • Delegate, rinse and repeat
    And then rinse and repeat, early and often. Hand out assignments. Every while, examine the team’s performance, make sure the job is done within the timeline and system is working smoothly.

Why People Don’t Seek Help?
There are two big barriers for getting help from others which are trust and introversion. After picking carefully the right person to do the job, you need to trust them in helping you complete work. Don’t be obsessed and let the work flow. Don’t stuck things.

Moreover, if you are too shy to ask for help, you can never be your utmost, you max out yourself, will no way be a productive person.

Now it’s time to flourish and be the best of you. Whatever you’re doing, you are trying to learn and grow to do things better. Now you have time to find new mentors, I am personally always in seek of that. The key here is surround yourself with smart people and network as much as you can. Learn to delegate like a Pro and Free up yourself from the hassles, and Win the game of Productivity.

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