Micheal Jordan-The life

Micheal Jordan-The life

The biography of a legendary athlete by Roland Lazenby. Michael Jordan is an iconic figure of the game of basketball and he is a huge inspiration.

In this book Michael Jordan’s life is explained in great detail. It covers the full range of Jordan’s life until now, including an engaging look at some of his ancestors. It has a holistic look at Jordan’s life and career. While most of the other books focus on one specific aspect of hero’s lives — Lazenby does a good job by citing all the aspects of his life. Everything from Michael Jordan’s victories to his losses were portrayed.

The good thing is that, the book comes with a great bibliography so you’re able to track down any other related books.

It’s a good read, however requires a lot of time (600 pages of a small print. It reads like a TV documentary and it moves at ok pace. If you are look for some kind of motivation guidance, especially it you are a fan, give this book a chance.

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