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Welcome! I’m Elham Alizadeh

I started marketing and business development over 10 years ago. I have worked in the corporate world, I have been self-employed and I have also built and run multiple profitable businesses online. During those years, I’ve been fortunate to receive a lot of awards and honors and I am really thanksful for them. But my business journey was not an easy one, it had ups and downs. I had big mistakes and big wins, and I’ve done whatever it takes to become who I am now.

I am now running multiple successful lifestyle buisnesses online, and I have a new approach to doing business. I believe building and running business can be simple and achievable. You can create your own profitbale business without sacrifice and overwhelm. I’ve devoted several years of my life to teach and empower entreprenuers all they need to successfully start and run their own businesses.

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What Actual Clients Say About Elham

Get-It-Started project is amazing!
A lot of great insights, and practical techniques to create the online business I always wanted to have. Long way to go yet, but I already see its great results in my life and my business. Now I know what I want to do in 2018 and how to achieve it. I am now on a mission to start a successful online business and share my genius zone with as many people as I can this year So, for anayone sitting on the fense to join this program, I can say do it!
Peggy M.Peggy M.
Hey you! I want to tell you something important. IT CAN BE DONE. Elham helped me increase my profit more than x5 this year. I never thought it can be so simple. With a straight forward, step by step system that I learned from her trainings, I am on way to have my most successful year in business ahead!

Sherry BinaSherry Bina
I was skeptical in the beginning and it took me a long time to finally make my mind and get it started. I learned a lot from Elham’s trainings, it really gave me a new approach to doing business.I never thought I can make money from what I know. I was wrong!
This is one of the most important decisions I made in my life.

Imen Zandi Imen Zandi
I always understimated the “Power of Marketing” and I was wrong. Elham’s training is so helpful. It gave me a clarity about how to create my marketing model, how to set my startegy, how to actually create a high-converting marketing funnel and the most joyful part, I learned how to put the business on auto-pilot.
In addition, inside the community, I get a level of support that I couldn’t get it anywhere else.
Saeid Bayat Saeid Bayat, Parsian Mag CEO, UK

Elham Alizadeh


To show entrepreneurs globally a new approach to doing business and help them build their own thriving lifestyle business without the overwhelm.

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