Plan for Success in 2019

Plan for Success in 2019

Hey Buddy,

It’s Time for an epic year of serious accountability,
Let me share with you what I do at the beginning of each year, so you may want to do the same:

Write down your personal mission statement. If you don’t know how to do that no worries. here is a file that helps you craft yours: Personal Mission Statement

And then write down the MAIN OBJECTIVES of 2019
Choose ONE BIG GOAL to give all your focus to for the next 3 months

And then break it down into actionable projects that seem more achievable
Also don’t forget to plan building some productivity habits too

Because if you want to achieve more, you need to be more productive

And like always, let all of us hold ourselves accountable to our goals, because we don’t want to JUST SET GOALS, we want to ACHIEVE THEM too.

So grab your accountability & create some MAGIC today!

You can download my planning Sheet here: My 2019 Goals

Cheers to a Super Successful 2019!


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