“Master the Marketing” program is officially Launched

Master the Marketing Program

This program is everything about marketing you need to learn and implement in your business.
(Normal Price: $997    Launched time Price: $247 - very limited time offer


Discover The Proven Marketing Mindsets, Strategies, Plans and Techniques to market your products or services successfully and attract more buying customers to your business

Elham Alizadeh

Elham Alizadeh

Dear Friend,

Do you want to grow your business exponentially by attracting potential customer to your business?
Do you want to turn the prospects into long-term buying customers? Do you want to learn how to sell without “Selling”?

Do you want to increase your website traffic and convert your visitors into loyal customers?
Do you want to learn cutting edge marketing strategies and techniques to scale your business in today’s digital world?
Do you want to create an automated marketing system that frees up your time to live more life?

Then, You are in the Right Place!

Master the Marketing is complete training program that I created after successfully building multiple business online and offline. This program is based off all the experiences that I gained during more than ten years of doing businesses development and marketing, all of my trials and errors, all of my big mistakes and big wins, all the years and money it took me to figure out the “Right Marketing” for most growing businesses and startups.

It is the ultimate training for designing a complete marketing strategy plan for your business from the ground up. Inside the training program, your going to learn how to market your product or service successfully and attract customers to buy what you are selling.

This Is Not the Marketing They Teach Us In University

I come from that background, I actually have a master degree in Strategic Marketing. The marketing they teach us at business school usually don’t prepare us for scaling a business ground up. They don’t usually teach us the practical systems and actions to build a successful company from scratch.
What I mainly learned at university is, how billion-dollar brands do marketing, what strategies they use and how they get clients. But you know what, It never worked for me!
These big names fight at a different level from what most of us do. Therefore, their approaches and techniques won’t work for us Plus, most of us don’t have an extra billion-dollar to spend on marketing, so we need to apply the practical strategies and tactics that help us grow a business with limited budget.
This marketing program is designed specifically for those who want to
1. Deeply understand what marketing is about and they want to realize why some marketing activities work and other don’t.
2. and also they want to learn what they can do Today to create a successful marketing inside their business and move to the next level.

Here is what you learn inside this program

Marketing Psychology and Mindsets

In the first section of this program, you're going to learn about marketing psychology and marketing mindsets. We go deep into how our psychological and emotional systems work and why we make decisions to buy one thing over the other things, and how we can help our potential customers decide. Plus, the marketing Mindsets helps you learn how marketing fits into business. These mindsets give you new approach to doing marketing and business and help you understand why you should learn marketing over all other skills in the business.
Sales and Marketing Principles

In the Sales and Marketing Principles section of this program, we are going to focus on the main principle, these are general rules in sales and marketing that you must know in order to succeed with marketing and to increase your sales. In this section, you are going to learn how to sell without being salesy. We tap into the various principles and learn how to apply them in the sales and marketing and how to make them fun.
Internet Marketing and its Applications

In Internet Marketing section, you are going to learn how to design, develop and execute an online marketing plan. You are going to learn the cutting edge marketing strategies to attract and retain new customers in today’s digital world. I am going to show to the powerful online tools you can use TODAY to attract new prospects and turn them into long-term paying customers and earn huge from this long-term relationship.
Marketing Strategy and Plan

In this section of the program, you’re going to learn about marketing strategy, how the different pieces of marketing connect to create a solid marketing plan and successful marketing communications. You are going to understand how it all works together to create marketing and sales systems that help your business get more buying customers and earns more profit.
Marketing Actions and Techniques

In this section, you’re going to learn about specific marketing actions and techniques to implement in your marketing. For example, how to create advertisements that get people to respond, how to create irresistible offers that your prospects can’t let go of it, how to write headlines and copy that draw people’s attention and get them interested in your offers, and ultimately how to persuade people to make the decision to buy from you.
Marketing Automation

In this section, we are going to cover the automation tools and software that create the ultimate freedom for you. This is where I show you how to create a marketing and sales systems that run in an automatic way. We talk about different options and I help you make your decision based on your budget and requirement. Through the power of automation, you can get much more with working less, without the overwhelm and without sacrificing your life for work.
And so much more...

Each section itself is broken up into individual sessions where I go deep into each of these topic and explain them in details.
I have chopped off the don’ts and only packages the does to make sure the “Master the Marketing” is really a practical guide to actually learn marketing and learn how to apply it into your business. It cuts out all the unnecessary fluff and only gives you what you need to create winning marketing pieces that get you more customers, more sales, and much more profits.
Again, Marketing IS THE MOST Important Skill To Learn When It Comes To Business Success
Remember, 80% of the Businesses Fail in the First 5 years
It is mainly because they didn’t have enough customer
And it’s What Marketing is About

Marketing is About attracting and Getting More Customers for Your Business. Marketing is what creates sales, income, and profits for your business. So, really learn marketing over all other skills in your business.

Master the Marketing at a Glance

Lifetime Access to the step-by-step Master the Marketing online portal where you are going to learn
  • - How to write an effective marketing plan
  • - How to set your Marketing budget and how to predict your ROI
  • - How to create Marketing copy and design that sell
  • - How to do marketing research to understand you potential customers need
  • - How to earn more profit by selling to your existing customers again and again
  • - How to create irresistible offers
  • - How your customers behave and how to persuade them
  • - How to apply internet marketing into your existing business
  • - How to create an automated marketing system and process that works round the clock
  • - How to ...

What is the value of this comprehensive Marketing Course?

The everyday price for this complete crash course is $997 and considering the value you get from this program, it’s a real steal. However, as this is the launch time, I am very happy to offer you this program at an extremely discounted price of $247 only. It is super discounted, less than 30% of the normal price, and it’s available because it is the program is not launched yet. But as soon as we launch the program – which is happening very soon, this discounted price Won’t Be Available.

Here’s What to do Next

So if you want to get more and more customers for your business, if you want to create a marketing system and process that works like a money machine in your business, then click the “add to cart button” below and order the Master the Marketing Program right away for only 30% of the cost.

What Actual Clients Say About Elham

Hey you! I want to tell you something important. IT CAN BE DONE. Elham helped me increase my profit more than x5 this year. I never thought it can be so simple. With a straight forward, step by step system that I learned from her trainings, I am on way to have my most successful year in business ahead!

Sherry BinaSherry Bina
I always understimated the “Power of Marketing” and I was wrong. Elham’s training is so helpful. It gave me a clarity about how to create my marketing model, how to set my startegy, how to actually create a high-converting marketing funnel and the most joyful part, I learned how to put the business on auto-pilot.
In addition, inside the community, I get a level of support that I couldn’t get it anywhere else.
Saeid Bayat Saeid Bayat, Parsian Mag CEO, UK

This is a One-Time Offer to order Master the Marketing Program at just one payment of $247. I can’t think of a more fair offer, so I you think, Learning and Mastering Marketing is in your bucket list for 2018, don’t lose this offer.

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