Re-engineer your work

Re-engineer your work

Stop what you are doing and think:  Do the works that you do regularly have proper and smooth process?

This is a super critical point to save time, energy and expenses – in other words to be more productive.

The tasks today, are mainly multi step and complicated, and you need to do series of things to complete each single work.

Most of our jobs (as an employee or a self business runner) have developed over the time or we have copied what others do. And the truth is, most of them are inefficiently planned and executed. There are many unnecessary and useless steps involved. NO ONE really thinks about them.

But you shouldn’t be like others!

Michael Hammer, the author of “Reengineering the Corporation” says: Every business is replete implicit rules of work design are based on assumptions about technology, people, and organizational goals that no longer hold

In order to be productive, you need to rethink, reevaluate and reengineer All the tasks you do daily.

Take each single one of them into consideration and apply this technique:

Take one of your tasks and write down all the steps necessary A-Z for it, from the idea to the finished job. Write it down as if you want to hand it over to someone else to do it – clear and precise

For some people it works better if they do it vice versa, and start writing from the end to the start. If you want to do it this way, start from the desired outcome and gradually add the steps needed for that outcome until you reach to the beginning.

Depending on you, both methods work, pick the one that matches your style.

No matter if you start from the beginning or the end, it’s important to list all the steps that you already do to finish the task.

Now, go through your list. Are all of them really necessary? Can you reduce any of the steps?

Set your goal to minimize the list by 20% the first time you go through it. It’s very easy to eliminate 20% of it, I am sure.

After that try to find a way to reduce another 20%. This is a bit challenging, I know.

This is my tip for you here.

You can still shrink your list in 2 ways

  1. There are some steps that you are not very good at, or someone else can do them as well as you. If someone else can do a part of the job well enough. Here you go. Seek help and Delegate!
  1. For many of today’s tasks, there are plenty of software that can help you finish the steps faster. We don’t have to do things manually these days. Hence looks for the steps that can be done easier and faster by the available software. Let the technology help you.

Now you have cut almost one third of the process which means you can work less for the same result and spend the remaining time and energy on other productive activities.

Remember, there are tasks that can be discontinued or cut fully.

Always ask yourself, “Is it adding value or is it necessary for thriving the business?” and “Why are we doing it this way?” and most importantly “Is there a more productive way to do this job?”

Always remember, the most successful people in the world, are the most productive ones

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