Have you ever wondered why some of the things are more captivating than others. 

Why you get sucked into a song that may leave others cold.

Why some are compelled to watch a program every night or why religion is so influential to so many people?

Davies is a professor at the Institute of Cognitive Science of Carleton University and his books heavily depends on scientific research. It gives detailed explanations, has a lot of concepts, and views each idea from different angles. Davies surveyed the cognitive science literature greatly to find out why the human mind responds the way it does to different elements.

If you are a kind of person who loves discovering the patterns and solving puzzles, it is for you

This book is also really helpful If you like to discover how the media and sales people influence you and take advantages of the inner automatic working machine of your brain.

The tagline only mentions religion, jokes and movies, but a lot of things such as books, conspiracy theories, quotes, music, art,… and are also covered.

Overall, it’s an informative, fascinating and fun read.

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