Fact: People with self-discipline are happier.

Self-discipline which is the ability to avoid unhealthy excess of anything that could lead to negative consequences, is one of the most important life skills to develop. 

It is vital for success and the number one characteristic needed to successfully pursue our dreams.

It’s like a superpower: when I developed self-discipline skill (notice I call it skill, which means we can learn it), I started to eat healthier, to exercise more and to be way more productive in my personal and business life.

One problem is that most people I know, don’t know how to start. So I decided to give some hints for those who are not sure about how to start.

The first and foremost question is:

How to get motivated to start?

Sometimes realizing that what you are currently doing is not working and it’s not quite right, helps a lot to push the start button.

Lack of self-discipline causes many problems such as health problems, financial problems, procrastination, distraction, feeling overwhelmed, feeling unfulfilled and much more. So, when you realize that you are causing pain to yourself, it usually helps you to develop a strong intention to stop hurting yourself. You may say, “OK, I’m done with making my life worse. I am going to make it less worse.”

So, it is a good practice to notice on what area you perform poorly and what are the consequences of that. This realization usually helps to boost your intention.

But more important than that, in my experience, is to create a vision for yourself. It might sound too feely-touchy but it’s really helpful.

Now, what is a Vision?

A vision is a picture of what YOU could and should be. You should paint a vivid picture of your future. Vision is not long term goal though. Goals are experiences and accomplishments you strive for. But a vision is the bigger picture. Your vision outlines who you want to be, what you want to be known for. So vision is the bigger frame that helps you define your goals.

I personally don’t know a super successful person who does not have a vision. The big accomplishments in the world are the superstars’ visions. On the other hand, people who are stuck in life or those who are just passing time without joy or aspiration, are the ones that don’t have a vision. In fact, many of them don’t even have long-term goals.

So when I started to create a vision for myself, I included health (exercise, diet,…) abilities (skills, knowledge,…) relationships ( healthy, long term connections, Mastermind,..) Business and wealth (lifestyle business, Growth,…) and many more.


After setting your personal vision and getting the required intention to develop self disciple in life, you need to use your willpower to achieve whatever you want. You can dramatically improve your life if you use your willpower CONSCIOUSLY.

It turns out that most of the activities we do every day are done on autopilot and we do them automatically without thinking . So what do we do with our willpower? Most people don’t use their willpower knowingly. They waste their daily willpower on unimportant things.

Do you know that you just need a little bit of willpower each day to install a good, practical, new habit?

If you haven’t read my blog about Habits and How to Create Them, I strongly suggest you to read it. It gives to tips and techniques to install high qualify habits and live a happier live. You can click here to get access:

Going back to Willpower, the good news is, the studies show that the amount of willpower you have is predetermined by your beliefs. It means, your perception about your willpower determines how far you can go and what you can achieve. If you believe you have a limited amount of willpower, you probably won’t beat those limits. But If you don’t place a limit on your willpower, you will surpass all the boundaries.

Getting what you want takes willpower. To succeed, first you need to know what you want (Your Vision) Then you must be determined to get it (Self Disciple), even in the face of extreme difficulties (With Use of Willpower)

My last tip here is to START SMALL

Take small actions everyday. It’s seem overwhelming to tackle big and scary projects. Start with easy actions, things so small you can’t say no.

  • Need to exercise? Just run for 10 minutes.
  • Have to work on an assignment? Just do the first few paragraphs.
  • Want to finish more each day? Just wake up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow

You’ll get better at self-discipline if you focus on small tasks, and break big projects into small pieces

Successful people have realized that self discipline is the gateway to the accomplishments. They learned how to use discipline in their lives to make their dreams reality.

And so can you.

“With self-discipline almost anything is possible.” Theodore Roosevelt

Don’t give in easily

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