Settle for More

Settle for More

It’s a good read about Megyn Kelly – a tough, but fair journalist and what lead to her becoming one of the trusted US journalists of our time.

To be honest, I knew very little about her other than that she is an anchorwoman on FOX News before reading this book.

Settle for More is mostly about her childhood and there’s not a lot of behind the scenes stories from her career or dirt on those she’s interviewed or worked with. I do admire how she can hold her own in a very sexist industry and she works really hard, which I appreciate

This memoir is immensely readable, enjoyable, and inspiring, especially to young women navigating their way through a world still dominated by annoyingly sexist men.

It lets women know there are plenty of good men in the world—many of them in positions of power—but that domineering and sexist men always try to bring a strong woman down. She has a strong message to women, that is to never play victim, don’t give up.

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