SPIN Selling

SPIN Selling

People do not buy from salespeople because they understand their products but …

People do not buy from salespeople because they understand their products but because they felt the salesperson understood their problems
This book is a MUST for everyone who has anything to do with Sales. If you are new in the business world, or you want to learn the art of selling (not pushy sales stuff) reading this book is the FIRST THING you should do. If you think you are an experienced sales person, it will brighten your vision to tactics that you had no clue of them.

The subtitle of the book describes quite well what’s inside; “The Best-Validated Sales Method Available Today. Developed From Research Studies Of 35,000 Sales Calls. Used By The Top Sales Forces Across The World.”

SPIN Selling explains the science behind consultative selling, or rather, presenting an offer to a potential client, based systematically on the clients pain-points, using a powerful questioning process.

Now what is Spin Selling?

In simple terms, Spin Selling  is discovering what the client needs and then go deep. It is about being a trusted advisor.

In order to have a successful sale conversation, you should start this way:

Before I tell you about what I do, I need to ask you a few question to see if I can understand what your needs are and see if we even have a fit.

This immediately lowers the barriers of resistance in other person.


And then the following questions to ask are:

  • Situational Questions – Tell me about your situation

Learn about the business, such as, who is in charge of the final decision, or what kind of systems or services are already in place.

  • Problem Questions – What problems are you having right now?

Investigate where the pain points are with the current service/product.

Here you should clarify the problems to the client. 


  • Implication Questions – What are the implications (bad effects) of your problem?

Determine the effects of the problem, and amplify the problem. This increases the client’s motivation to shift towards finding a solution.

  • Need-Payoff Questions – What’s the payoff of getting this need solved?

Here the client ends up explaining the benefits of a solution, such as the one presented by the salesman. It’s less pushy, and ultimately allows the client to present their important needs.

These questions give you a window inside of your prospect and give you more confident to sell to them

At this point, it’s a good tactic to repeat back what you learned. So you’d better take notes while the client speaks

You can say:

Let me make sure I understand you and your situation

Just at this point you should start talking about your product/service

It is what you can say:

Would it be ok if I tell you about what I do?

Natural, assumptive, no pressure,. But confident


Plus, the author covered the four stages of a sale: opening, investigating, demonstrating capability, and obtaining commitment.

I see many sales people who do a great job in the first 3 stages, but they lack in the last part.

Obtaining commitment is concluding with specific actions from the other party involved. In this case, an actionable commitment is required. It’s much better to close the deal on spot, however if additional meeting is required, fix it before finishing the meeting. Or if they request the proposal, you should ideally have it ready with you.  If an actionable commitment is not reached, then the likely outcome is a ‘continuation’ or a dead sale.

Keep this in mind; The key to understanding and applying the SPIN process is knowing exactly what questions to ask. But more importantly knowing WHAT TYPES of questions to ask and WHEN to ask in order to solve the problem you intend to solve.

To be a successful salesperson, we should put ourselves in the shoes of the person to whom you’re selling, in other words, we shouldn’t focus on selling, but solving their problem.

We are all in sales to some degree, and this book can help you when it comes time to communicate our big idea, your thoughts, maybe yourself during an interview, and of course at an actual sales meeting.

If you can manage to read only one book about sales, this is the one. I found it the most intuitive sales how-to book on the market for selling.

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