Super You

Super You

Super You, is all about to change and release your inner superhero. This is a book by Emily V. Gordon- author, producer, and brilliant advice-giver.

In this book, Gordon explores the identity of the superhero and hopes to convey the message that superheroes didn’t start victoriously. They have experienced painful events and what makes them superhero is their determination. They embrace their origins, their imperfections, and their mistakes, and try every day to become the best versions of themselves, for their own sake and of course others. She hopes the readers start recreating themselves the way superheroes do, to understand that it’s under their control. It’s a guide for women to drive them Something I liked about it is that she personalizes the stories, so they resonate well, while keeps the focus on the reader’s process and reflection It’s a fun, friendly and easy read self-improvement guide to becoming the superhero of your own life.

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