Talking as fast as I can

Talking as Fast as I can

The author of the book Lauren Graham is an actor, writer, and producer best known for her roles on the critically acclaimed series Gilmore Girls and Parenthood

In the book, she talks a little about her upbringing, college years, first auditions, first jobs in the mundane world and the show business. She is so authentic on set and off set. She feels so normal.

It was so much fun to read her short diary-type entries of the experience of filming the revival

The book has 2 large chapters about the actual filming experience of Gilmore Girls. The first, covers the original series, and the last, covers the revival. The rest of the book follows Graham throughout her life from childhood to present. She’s witty, inspirational, and utterly entertaining.

While reading this book, It felt I was having a cup of coffee with Lauren and she was telling me all about herself and Gilmore girls It’s obvious she’s a writer, and a talented one at that.
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