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One of The Wall Street Journal’s “10 Books to Read Now”

One of The Wall Street Journal’s “10 Books to Read Now”
The Author -Thomas L. Friedman is a self-­confessed explanatory journalist―whose goal is to be a translator from English to English. And he is extremely good at it.

In order to convince you to read the book, its enough to say that Friedman is a three-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for his work with The New York Times and the author of six bestselling books, including The World Is Flat. Have you read that!?

The book is great. It’s a brilliant summary of the revolution sweeping the world related to digital devices. It uses Moore’s law as a starting point and raises interesting questions on what comes next.

Friedman argues that the pace of change as well as the rate of change are exceeding in many cases. In other terms change speed up. I think you are with me in having an acute feeling that the world is accelerating away from us. But the good thing is that the capacity of individuals and societies to adapt to the change accelerates too.

The book has 2 aims in general First, the author wants to explain why the world is the way it is — why so many things seem to be spinning out of control. And then he wants to reassure us that it is basically going to be O.K.

In the closing chapters of the book, Friedman offers several common sense, pragmatic solutions and manages to convey a sense of optimism that eventually, the world will be capable of adapting in a manner that improves global civilization.

In short, The Message of Thomas Friedman’s New Book: It’s Going to Be O.K.

Chapters were interesting and informative, insightful. I appreciate the clarity of thought, the ability to synthesize what appear to be disparate trends, cogent analyses.

The writing is exactly what you would expect from a New York Times columnist.

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