The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction

The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction

It’s a fascinating look by Neuroscientist Larry Young in collaboration with journalist Brian Alexander.

The book provides the readers with the underlying brain mechanisms behind how we behave in relation to other people. This book is a more comprehensive look at the “science of love”, it in fact is a terrific introduction to the emerging field of social neuroscience

The book includes the following chapters: 1. Building a Sexual Brain, 2. The Chemistry of Desire, 3. The Power of Appetite, 4. The Mommy Circuit, 5. Be My Baby, 6. Be My Territory, 7. Addicted to Love, 8. The Infidelity Paradox, and 9. Rewriting the Story of Love

If you’re interested in understanding which parts of your love history was voluntary, and what was driven by factors beyond your control, this is a good way to get started.

I specially like the author’s conclusion – even if we cant figure out the principles of human behavior as linked to neurochemistry, there is no reason to think our understanding will undervalue the depth of experiencing love and other emotions.

It is scientifically sound and well written and at the same time highly readable and entertaining.

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