The Millionaire in the Mirror

The Millionaire in the Mirror

The millionaire in the mirror is one of few books in corporate work success field.

You will learn the keys to outstanding success and reveal the millionaire in your mirror if you are in the corporate world, not for entrepreneurs!

This book gives you a logical approach to career management. It has a lot of ACTUAL strategies, studies, data, and stories on achieving “Outstanding Success” in your career and guide you to climb the ladder of success. It’s a long-term strategy best employed in a career that one loves.

Constructive and practical guide to take responsibility and action in our career – without the fluff.

The chapters’ setup is logically, and presents the authors career strategies simply. Dr. Gene Beddel uses categories and self-assessments in a step-wise process to help readers understand how to achieve their goals.

So if you re looking for success strategies to use, you’ll find the seven success strategies in the book that will revitalize your days at office, helpful tips for getting “unstuck” at any age or phase of your career, and answers to the crucial career questions that are asked far too infrequently

The best part is, his email address can be found in his book and he replies 🙂

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