The quality of our habits is the quality of our lives

The quality of our habits is the quality of our lives

Habits and how to create them.
Habits and rituals play a vital role in our success.We must create habits that serve us in our lives and in our businesses.

If we don’t have high quality habits and we don’t turn them into rituals, a bunch of emergency but not important stuff will sneak into our life. We’ll get distracted, our minds will get taken off on things, we’ll worry about those things, and we never can get the important things done. However, if we set up the important things and create conscious rituals around them, then all the other stuff will take care of itself. In fact, the more high-quality habits and rituals you create, the more it kind of squeezes out all of that other stuff that distracts you from your life.

How do you create habits?
Do you know that we only get a little bit of willpower in our lives and most of us just go through the same habitual things day-in, day-out, month-in, month-out, year after year. We sort of do the same thing, think the same thoughts, and have the same patterns. So we do have habits, but most of us never learn how to change our habits with the little bit of willpower. We don’t focus our willpower to change our habits. That’s the formula, We should take the willpower that we get and focus it on making a new good habit.

Don’t Rush! 
The rule is, One New Habit at a Time
However, it’s important to only create one new habit at a time. If we try to create more than one new habit at a time, we freak out and just fall into our old patterns, and we never create any of those habits. The rule is, one new habit at a time.

My tip for you here is, to make the new habit in the morning. Because it’s much easier to take a habit that you already have, and is running now, and kind of move it a little bit later in the day than it is to create a new habit later in the day.

For instance, if you want to create the habit of exercising, start your day by that. Don’t postpone it to a later time of day. Let’s suppose you created another good habit which is meditation some time ago and it’s already established on you, and you do that early in the morning before anything else.

Now that you want to focus on your new habit – Exercising, move meditation a bit later and start your day by exercising until it’s fixed on you. After that you can shuffle them and change the timings. There is a risk that you don’t do the new habit at all if you move it to later time.

The key here is, if you delay the activity you want to turn into habit later in the day, you get into your other already installed rituals and you may do the new habit when you are tired or unfocused with poor quality, or maybe you don’t do it at all. However, when it becomes your default, you can shift it to a later time in the day and work on your next good habit

Know your Triggers
This is an extremely important key in changing habits. Every habit has its own triggers. A trigger is an event that immediately precedes the habit. For example, some people overeat when they are stressed. Overeating is the habit, and being stressed is the trigger. Some habits have more than one trigger — for example, hearing bad news, stressful event, going out with friends, etc can all be trigger for overeating, or smoking.

The stronger the link to the trigger, the stronger the habit.
Habits become automatic after we’ve created a bond between the trigger and the habit. We should take a bad habit off autopilot and disassociate it from its triggers. Hence, when you try to break a habit, you have to know all of your triggers (Prepare a list of triggers of the habit you want to change) Then create a good habit to replace the bad habit for each of the triggers. Running, for example, is a good replacement for overeating when you get stressed. So next time when you are stressed (Trigger) instead of overeating (Habit) go for a run.

The key is to put your triggers in your WRITTEN PLAN, and be CONSISTENT with them — when the triggers happen, do the new habit immediately, every single time.

Knowing your triggers for the bad habits you want to change, and consciously replacing them with new good activities that you wish to turn into habits is super helpful

The magic Number
Your magic number in turning an activity into a solid habit is doing it CONSISTENTLY for 90 days. So start right now, don’t start in a week or two, start right now, start today or start tomorrow morning. Plan out the new habit that you want to create, put it into place, and start doing it immediately, and then don’t deviate. Whatever you do, make sure you do the new habit every day, you have to do it every day for at least 90 days for it to catch, for it to become a part of the way things are, and for you to feel pulled into it.

Add High quality habits to your life and Win the Game of Productivity!

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