The Story of Human Body

The Story of Human Body

What is Mismatch?

Our brain is designed to live in a small village, where we go to bed as the sun sets and we wake up before the sun rises. We eat healthy food, a lot of fresh vegetables, a little meat

In that village, we fall in love with a childhood friend, we marry and we have kids

For the job, we have 2,3 options Max. We save money and pass it to the next generation.

Yes, those days are long gone, that world doesn’t exist anymore. But the problem is that the hardwiring of our brain is designed for that world.

Now, we live in a crazy, modern world.


This is mismatch.

For this week, I would suggest you to read The story of human body by Daniel Lieberman. He is a famous professor at Harvard, with a strong research record on evolutions and human body which came up with the concept of Mismatch

Now, what happens to us in the world that doesn’t match our brain hardwiring?

We get sick, very sick

Heart Disease, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Nearsightedness, Tooth Decay, Impacted Wisdom Teeth, Flat Feet, Metabolic Syndrome and Back Problems.

Welcome to the Modern World J

The modern world is a blitz of options, unfortunately, many of those options are part of the “mismatch.”  we are not used to have so many options

The food, the partner, the job, the environment, all of them very so limited and we couldn’t choose. It was the way it was and we accepted it and adapted to it

Now, if you are hungry, you can literally have whatever you can think of (Pizza, steak, Noodles, Grills, hotdogs,..) in half an hour with a phone call or online order

You want to meet someone, just get out of home, go to a bar or club and find a date easily

You want to stat working, there are so many options, what you want to do, you can pick whatever you want, go and learn it and start doing

You don’t like your neighborhood, city, country even continent, you can change it

We think it is good to have so many choices, but in fact the modern world and it’s choices works like a cage for us. Most people are trapped into it. They just think of having this and that, and again that over one. We are bounced around from one thing to another and we are lost.


What’s the solution?

Throwing away all the comfy technological advances and returning back to hunting and gathering? Of course not! That is foolish.

We should make informed decisions,

We have the option to eat healthier, cut sugar, sleep enough, and look for true love

This is just scratching the surface. The concept of mismatch is so profound and deep that it can transform many areas of life from health to spending habits, social circle to job haunting, so I really suggest you to read this book

To me, it’s a wonderful exploration of physical and cultural evolution. A must read for anyone who cares about their body, their health and their life.

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