The Third Wave

The Third Wave

This book is written by the founder and long-time President of AOL – Steve Case. 

AOL provided access to the internet to over 50% of American’s in the late 90s and early 2000s & The book is however about what’s to come next.
Internet integrates into everything we do

Case states the history of the development of the Internet, and then suggests what the next stage of internet development- The third wave, will look like. A quote from the book recaps the whole idea of the book:
“The Third Wave of the Internet is coming, the moment where the Internet transforms from something we interact with to something that interacts with everything around us.“

A story of trials, failures, and success. Steve case paints a remarkable frame for entrepreneurs who want to impact the world. Entrepreneurs ability to find opportunities in the coming Internet of Everything has the potential to rock the entire world.
The story flows pretty well, not the easiest to read though

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