Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

Total Recall

A man who is great at everything he does.

What if you could be good at anything you wanted, sports, music, math, literature, politics,… Most people don’t even think it is possible. Well, there are wrong!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man who has marked his whole checklist of dreams. I grew up watching his movies like many other people and he’s one of my all-time heroes, but what fascinates me now, is his mastery at whatever he does.

He was born in the small city in Austria, in 1947, then moved to Los Angeles at his twenties.

  • By the age of 25, he became Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder

He was working out 6 hours a day and doing 500 sit-ups

  • Before 30, he was a millionaire businessman.

He went out, practiced real estate and he made his 1st million

  • After that, he was the world’s biggest movie star.

His accent was in the way, he hired a coach to work 7 hours a day to get fluent in American accent

  • He was elected the governor of California in 2003.

He spent 5 or 10 hours a day learning from a cabinet of political advisers

He is literally a full package, someone who had huge ambition, tremendous tenacity and a calculating business mind.

What’s different in him?

It all roots back to when he was a child. He learned something at 5 years old. His father made him sets of 5 push-ups every morning to earn the right to have breakfast. This taught him a simple concept that if you want something, you can only get it through repetition. That simple!

And it’s a lesson for all of us. We should install this concept in our minds. If we want something in life, we should practice it over and over until we get good at it.

you can’t skip the hard work of practice.  It’s a big lie to fall for. There are no shortcuts

Go and check your bucket list, there are many things you wanted to learn and do, but you never did (for any reason) learning a new language, going to gym, losing that 20 pounds, starting an online business and so many more.

Let’s stop making excuses, roll up the sleeves, practice until you master it

Wait, before that you should read his book

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